Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Play Dough Technique Works!!!

Experiments are over and the technique works.

I printed out the pdf work sheet as the video takes forever to load, even with broadband DSL:


Holy cow. I didn't want to waste clay in case it didn't so I made a basic flower cane and added leaf sections.

I let it sit a minute while I found my grand kids play dough. I chose a pale yellow, also just in case, and did as the instructions say. A thin sheet about the medium setting on the pasta machine and cover the cane.

I thought it would spread and create gaps that the polymer clay would get through to the main cane but it didn't.

It almost creates a water soluble layer that protects the pc. I reduced it down and sliced to see that the flower still held it's shape.

I then pealed the waste clay off like pealing an orange and it came right away. The flower was very tiny.

I got a bowl of cold water to sit it all in to dissolve the play dough. This way using the small brush would not hurt the clay. I rinsed them off and changed the water twice to make sure and now I have a TINY flower cane that I can take slices off.

I used the cold water so the cold temp would keep the temp of the cane cool as it was warm in the house. All the play dough dissolved away. I added the scrap clay to the water so I could get the play dough off it to use again.
As a side note: If you get a call, just after you just added the play dough layer, to get over to your mothers house and call the ambulance make sure you have an air tight container nearby to place the cane in as play dough drys out fast. I sat my cane up where the cat could not get to it and forgot about the drying of the play dough so later I had to soak it in cold water to soften and then dissolve the play dough to add a new fresh layer. Did not hurt the PC and mom is doing much better.

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  1. Thank you for taking the pictures and sharing them. Now I got to gangsta snatch my grand children's playdoh. LOL